Shoes that a Pilot Wife may pack…

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 Have you ever been stressed about which shoes to pack for a trip?

This past summer our family traveled to Japan for two weeks. I was so proud of myself for investing in a few pair of trendy but comfortable shoes to wear with my outfits: a pair of wedges, black espadrilles, Van sneakers and cute sandals. All were walkable and would go flawlessly with my versatile outfits.

When my adult daughters saw what I was packing, my shoe selection went from four to two. All that was left of my original shoe choices were my sneakers and my espadrilles  (which didn’t count as they were only for the plane ride!).

After a lengthy discussion, my girls determined that besides my sneakers and plane shoes, oxfords would be the only other shoes I would need to bring.  Three pairs of shoes for a ten-day trip. That did not fly well with me.

So what did I do? I threw a pity-party shoe fit.

No one walks in our shoes

In those two weeks of our trip, when I decided which shoes I was going to wear for the day of sightseeing, I found myself irritated in what I’d picked out myself.I was disappointed that I didn’t bring the shoes I had originally set out to wear.

As I prepared for our trip and set out my shoes and outfits, I made sure they would all fit in my carry on bag.  I have been traveling for more than 25 years; I’m confident in knowing how to pack for a 10 day trip in a 22 inch required carry on.  In other words, girlfriend, by letting others make choices for me ….I was creating my own turbulence.

How many times do we pick out the perfect shoes for just the right occasion, only to have someone come question our choice and tell us we shouldn’t be wearing those shoes?

A pilot wife shared with me that no one walks in our shoes. There are times that our friends, our children, and our family do not see what we personally pack every day to put in our life of travels but us.

Maybe you’ve found that to be true too?

Different Shoes for Different Travels

For over 25 years I’ve ventured into my closet to find the right shoes for the right occasion.  As a Pilot’s Wife, you may have a similar collection of footwear as well:

1. You’re leaving, oh wait, you’re coming home? ( Suede bootie)

2.Holiday emotions of a pilot wife.(Canvas Ked sneaker)

3.Sergeant Mom has arrived  (Military boot)

 4. WHAT??? You’re picking up a trip or you’re rerouted.( Flip-flop )

5. These are the storms of my life (Rain boots)

6 5 Second or less communication (Running shoes)

7.Keeping things stabilized( loafer.)

8. I’m his runway for when he lands. (Stilettos)

9.  Reunited and feels so good ( Sandal)

10. I’m on the conveyor belt and I can’t get off! I ( finding your own shoe)

11. A wedge of friends ( Wedge)

12. Traveling on the wings of flexibility—Changing at a moments notice  (Easy on, easy off flats)

Maybe you’re like me and you love the shoes you’re wearing.  But if I’m being honest, some days all I want to do is throw them out the exit door. The shoes, not my pilot.

As you walk with me down the runway of our lives, may we bring each other encouragement, love, and laughter.

If you find a new shoe  I would love to hear about it.

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