Dressed up for Arrival

dressed for arrivalWhen I was nineteen, I worked as a hostess at Water Street Seafood Co, in Corpus Christi, Tx. Once a week a well dressed,  pretty woman and her husband would visit the restaurant for lunch.

I always enjoyed the days when they came to the restaurant, especially when she would arrive dressed up in a costume to celebrate a particular holiday.  She was a sight to behold!

I remember one Valentine’s Day when she showed up to the restaurant dressed as Cupid.

She wore a red tutu, a headband with a heart on it and fun red boots.  In her hands she held a red arrow, ready to aim at her love.  It was awesome!

As I seated her on this special day, I was excited to watch her as she waited for her beloved’s arrival.

When her husband arrived, and I showed him to the table, I remember her reaching out with her cupid arrow and doing a slight curtsy and giving him a kiss. She had definitely marked her spot on her Valentine.

Watching these two lovebirds, I was impressed at how they connected with each other.  Whether she was waiting for him to show up or they walked together hand in hand, there was always a look of joy on their faces.

I remember as a naive, young girl this couple inspired me to find a husband who cared for his wife and looked at her with such admiration.  I longed for a husband who took delight in seeing me like that each day. 

Thirty years later, I still think about them.I don’t know where they are today. Hopefully, she is still dressing up for her husband.

I want to dress up

Several years ago I read Women From the Ankle Down. In the book, the author talked about how shoes convey how we feel like a woman. You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes she wears. Shoes just make a woman feel good about herself and can transform a simple outfit into something spectacular.

As I think about that, I wonder what Mrs. Cupid felt every time she put on her shoes to join her husband for lunch.  What did she want to say to him as she slipped on her Cupid costume and red boots? Or for that matter, a regular lunch date with her husband?  I’m sure she thought about how she wanted to feel not only about herself but also to have her husband see her as a beautiful woman as well.

Talking to other veteran pilot wives, they’ve learned how to make their husbands feel loved; they do their best to have their pilots leave with a smile on their faces and are happy to return home. I believe that was what Mrs. Cupid was conveying to her husband as she had lunch with him.

A dear friend shared with me to have a successful, loving marriage is to outdo one another.   Basically,  put each other first. As I was reading my bible, I was reminded of this verse, “Love each other with genuine affections, take delight in honoring each other.” Romans 12-10( KJV)

“Love each other with genuine affections, take delight in honoring each other.” Romans 12-10( KJV) subheading

There’s no doubt in my mind that there was some “outdoing” taking place when this couple came into the restaurant. (In my opinion, she won every week!) They put each first.

I don’t know about you but I’m all about putting my husband first. If I don’t show him I love him and take delight in honoring him, then what does that say to him and our children?

Showing him my love

It’s important that I (we) take the time to plan things that we do together. It was essential before kids, while we had kids (especially little ones), and now with one teenager left at home, and will be when we are empty nesters.

My goal is to be that wife who surprises my husband with whatever shoe I pick out to wear when I’m with him.

In the book Wife-Dressing, by Anne Forgarty ( highlight book) the author states,“The most dangerous threat to a successful wife-dressing is the triumphant cry; I’m married! The battle is won!”

What is wife dressing, you ask? It is an art, a science, a labor of love, a means of self-expression and above all a contributing factor to a happy marriage.  I would suffice to say that like married life itself, how we dress is pretty simple. It requires a frank understanding of yourself, a healthy attitude in your marriage and wanting to please your husband.”

I don’t know about you, but when my pilot returns home from a trip, I want him to know that I took the time to look nice for him, even if it’s putting on a clean t-shirt and making sure my hair is brushed.  If I don’t have time for all that, then I slip on a jacket and a baseball cap.

Side note, if my man is walking in from his travels after 9 pm or better yet, midnight, he gets what he gets. I’m not getting up to put on my heels.

My fellow pilot wives, let’s show our husbands love in ways that are genuine, fun, and that attempt to outdo one another. So dust off those heels in the back of your closet and pick out an outfit that makes you feel pretty. Take him for a night on the town or treat him to a quiet dinner once the kids are in bed.

My prayer for us this week:

God, Thank you for your unconditional love for me. I pray that the love me and my husband share continues to grow deeper and more profound every day. I want to have in our relationship spontaneity and to think of creative ways to outdo each other.  Finally, may we never take for granted the vows that we made, but instead we fulfill them with honor and strength and the willingness to delight in each other.  Amen.

Join  The Takeoff and Landings Facebook  page.  I’ll share with you fun ways to bring extra love into our marriage. I’ll also be showing how other pilot wives creatively shower their pilots with love.

Come join us!

Take off and Landings Always,Tiffany

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