IMG_9152     Welcome to the Take-offs and Landings of a Pilot’s Wife! Come fly with me and together we can support and encourage each other as we adapt to the many roles and challenges of being married to a navigator.

Whether you’re seated next to your pilot in the right or left seat of life, we are flying and taking off and landing together.

Flying alongside my pilot for over 25 years I have found a sense of courage, discovered independence that I thought I did not have and developed a better understanding that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.  Maybe you want those things too. You have come to the right place.

As a pilot’s wife, there is always a takeoff and landing, I make sure I regularly have three packed bags ready to go.

1. A hard shell case full of essentials of being a Godly wife.

2. A duffle bag marked married solo parent.

3.  A carry-on just for me.

With these bags, I have packed for many different trips and have discovered many realizations that have been too profound not to share.

To be honest, the hardest bag to pack is the Married Solo parent.

I have learned this heavy, and often oversized, bag requires strength and muscle.  (Let us not forget a bottle of wine from time to time.)

Regardless of what’s in your packed suitcase or what you carry in your luggage we PW’s can use a little help getting our bags off the conveyor belt of life!

I hope that as you visit my blog, I’m able to offer you some companionship for the journey and offer you a fresh perspective on being a pilot’s wife, ready to take off and land on any given day. 

In the process, My prayer is that you will find yourself relating to this kind of life and maybe even realize that you have the same suitcases.

Taking off and Landing always,